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ORGANOBALANCE GmbH is now Novozymes Berlin GmbH

Novozymes Berlin GmbH

Nature offers numerous opportunities to improve the well-being of humans, animals, and the environment. At Novozymes Berlin we have specialized in R&D around the natural diversity of microorganisms. We explore the vast potential of microorganisms for the development of highly innovative and natural compounds and products.

Novozymes Berlin GmbH is a subsidiary of the Danish company Novozymes A/S, the world leader in biological solutions. Interested in Novozymes A/S? Please visit https://www.novozymes.com/en

Recent News

May 2019
ORGANOBALANCE GmbH is now under the name of Novozymes Berlin GmbH.

July 2018
Dr. Klaus Pellengahr is the new General Manager of Novozymes Berlin (ORGANOBALANCE GmbH), Prof. Dr. Christine Lang will continue as a consultant for Novozymes.
- German Press release

September 2016
ORGANOBALANCE GmbH is acquired by Novozymes A/S (Denmark.)
- Press release


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