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ORGANOBALANCE GmbH is part of NOVOZYMES A/S since September 2016.

Novozymes Berlin GmbH

Nature offers numerous opportunities to improve the well-being of humans, animals and the environment. Here at ORGANOBALANCE we have specialized in research and development around the natural diversity of microorganisms. We explore the vast potential of microorganisms for the development of highly innovative and natural compounds and products.

Furthermore, we contribute to the solution of future challenges of modern society through the development of efficient production microorganisms for the synthesis of valuable compounds. We use our scientific and technical expertise and ingenuity to design sustainable solutions.

ORGANOBALANCE works as service partner, in exclusive partnerships with companies from various industry segments, and out-licenses proprietary product developments.


19 January 2018
Art goes biological: Nature takes over Berlin Hauptbahnhof
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4 December 2017
Novozymes and Grundfos kick off collaboration for clean water
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20 October 2017
Novozymes is world’s second-best employer, says Science Magazine
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21 September 2017
Novozymes invites collaboration on global challenges
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14 September 2017
What probiotics promise and can achieve
Prof. Dr. Christine Lang at the Microbiome Congress in Heidelberg
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