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ORGANOBALANCE develops new products in the sectors of food, feed, personal care, agriculture and pharma as well as it devises and constructs yeast production strains for Industrial Biotechnology. Our maxim being to provide tailor-made solutions for each partner is reflected in our business models. We may work in exclusive partnerships, as well as in individual service projects, and we license our own product developments. Joint projects are managed in project modules and milestones; this ensures tight alignment concerning resources and timeframes.

ORGANOBALANCE is able to offer partnerships to strategic partners for long-term and multi-track projects, usually using our unique patents, processes and strains.

Being a specialist for microbial issues, we handle service projects for our customers, their scope ranging from research and development questions to setting up processes and production.

ORGANOBALANCE also works on its own product ideas, develops them into marketable products and grants licenses to such knowhow. Key areas for these activities are gastrointestinal health, microbiological adsorbers and microorganisms exhibiting antimicrobial effects.

Please contact us for more information: info@organobalance.com.


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