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Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Christine Lang, Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Christine Lang is one of the founders and the Managing Director of ORGANOBALANCE GmbH. As a Doctor of Biology, she spent 10 years working in industrial research at Hüls Chemie Forschungsgesellschaft where, amongst other things, she established and ran the working group on genetics and molecular biology. In 1993 she moved to the Technische Universität Berlin and was promoted to Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. At the TU Berlin she lectures on genetics in biotechnology.

Christine Lang is active in various biotechnology associations. She is a member of the Management Board of the DECHEMA (Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology), member of the Management Board of the VCI/DIB (German Chemical Industry Association/Association of the German Biotechnology Industry) and Chairwoman in German Bioeconomy Council.


Prof. Dr. Detlef Goelling, Director Development & Production

Prof. Dr. Detlef Goelling has been the Director of the Development Department at ORGANOBALANCE since 2007. He is responsible in this capacity for process development and process optimisation. In the 10 years prior to commencing work at ORGANOBALANCE he was a group manager at DANISCO, where he was in charge of process development. He worked as a project manager at NOVARTIS. Detlef Goelling did his doctorate in the field of biotechnology and had a postdoctoral position at SCHERING AG. He has been an honorary professor at University of Applied Sciences Flensburg since 2007.

Dr. Caterina Holz, Director Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Caterina Holz is a member of the ORGANOBALANCE management team since 2008. She brings experience from the biotechnology sector, pharmaceutical industry and food industry through her work as a laboratory supervisor with PSF biotech AG, Boehringer Ingelheim and C.A.S. S.p.A. Caterina Holz has a doctorate in biotechnology and has worked as a team leader at the TU Berlin and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, where she conducted research in the fields of gene expression in yeast and analysis of genome function.

Gilles Jequier, Commercial Director

Gilles Jequier is leading the worlwide ingredient sales activities of ORGANOBALANCE since 2015. He holds a Master of Food Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH). In addition, he also completed a Master of Advanced Studies in Management, Technology and Economics (MAS MTEC). Until 2005, he had been a member of the management, and in charge of new products development at Emmi Milch AG. Until 2015 he led a global project for the development and marketing of a biotechnological nutritional ingredient at the pharma supplier Lonza.

Dr. Klaus Pellengahr, Director Business Development

Dr. Klaus Pellengahr is leading the Business Development of ORGANOBALANCE since 2010. He holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and has been involved in numerous product developments based on microbial strains and enzymes. These included new applications in pharma, food, feed, biofuels and biocatalysis. Before starting at ORGANOBALANCE he worked as a project manager and Head of Molecular Biology at Direvo AG in Cologne and as Head of Business Development at c-LEcta GmbH in Leipzig.

Dr. Thomas Polakowski, Director Research

Dr. Thomas Polakowski is leading the non-clinical research at ORGANOBALANCE since 2014. After receiving a PhD in biotechnology (Metabolic Engineering) from the TU Berlin he worked as a group leader at the former central research facility of Hoechst AG in Frankfurt am Main and as a scientific
project leader at Jerini AG. This was followed by the position as Head of R&D Cooperations and Strategic Technology Assessment at the 3B Pharmaceuticals GmbH. He has comprehensive experience in the fields of project management, preclinical research and industrial biotechnology.


Our team comprises 30 highly qualified scientists of microbiology, molecular biology and biotechnology and committed technical assistants.



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