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2 July 2018
Klaus Pellengahr new General Manager of Organobalance-Novozymes Berlin
Professor Dr. Christine Lang will continue as a consultant for Novozymes

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19 January 2018
Art goes biological: Nature takes over Berlin Hauptbahnhof
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4 December 2017
Novozymes and Grundfos kick off collaboration for clean water
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20 October 2017
Novozymes is world’s second-best employer, says Science Magazine
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21 September 2017
Novozymes invites collaboration on global challenges
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14 September 2017
What probiotics promise and can achieve
Prof. Dr. Christine Lang at the Microbiome Congress in Heidelberg

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26 June 2017
Organobalance will present results on probiotics at the 2017 ISAPP conference
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15 June 2017
Positive Effect of Bacteria: Germfree Isn’t Good.
Prof. Christine Lang interviewed by “Brigitte” magazine

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10 May 2017
BIONNALE 2017: Biologisation of Industry Brings Opportunities.
Development of products and company mergers

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10 April 2017
Organobalance to exhibit at Vitafoods Europe 9 - 11 May 2017 in Geneva
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20 March 2017
Christine Lang Voted First Vice-President of the Microbiology Association
VAAM aims to turn microbiology research into products which benefit society

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31 January 2017
PROBIOTA 2017: Latest Findings in Bacteria Research
International science congress to take place in Berlin for the first time

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25 January 2017
Cold Virus Notwithstanding: Excessive Hand Washing Is Harmful
Mild skin products developed, supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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24 November 2016
Clinical Study Shows Bacteria Are Good For Your Skin
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15 September 2016
Novozymes acquires Organobalance GmbH to strengthen position in microbial solutions
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2 May 2016
Vitafoods: Pylopass™, a Bioactive Against the Stomach Bacterium Helicobacter
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5 April 2016
New Skin Care Line ibiotics Uses High-tech Ingredient from Lactic Acid Bacteria to Offer Naturally Beautiful Skin
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18 February 2016
Organobalance acquires Lonza Probiotic Licence.
Natural agent against Helicobacter has potential to replace antibiotics

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9 February 2016
Organobalance Nominated for the German Business Innovation Award
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20 January 2016
4th Symposium Beneficial Microbes
The Gut Flora's Influence on the Brain: Expert Conference in Berlin
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30 November 2015
Gilles Jequier to expand Product Marketing at Organobalance
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25 November 2015
New Alliance to 'Biologize' Industrial Processes.
Funded by the BMBF - Additional research on alternatives to antibiotics

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4 September 2015
Bacteria Promise Billions in Potential Revenue in Industry and Healthcare.
Prof. Dr. Christine Lang participates in debate at the House of Science in Brunswick

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2 September 2015
Chairwoman of Berlin Greens Briefed on Biotechnology Opportunities.
Berlin group chairwoman Ramona Pop visits ORGANOBALANCE

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25 June 2015
Sales Potential in the Billions for Bioeconomy in Medical and Pharmaceutical
Article in Biotech-Report 2015 on the importance of medical biotechnology

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16 June 2015
Biological Blue Berets on a Mission for Skin and Body
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19 March 2015
Yeast to Replace Raw Materials Based on Oil, limited Plant Resources or Endangered Species
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13 March 2015
Isabelle Ahrens-Fath named new Director for Clinical Product Development at ORGANOBALANCE
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27 January 2015
Study: Combating Helicobacter Infections with Lactic Acid Bacteria
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27 November 2014
3rd Symposium Beneficial Microbes: Microbiome and health and impressions
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25 September 2014
ProcessNet in Aachen: Baker's yeast in the chemical and food industries
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4 June 2014
Thomas Polakowski named new Director of Research at ORGANOBALANCE
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7 May 2014
Yeast-based biotechnology production processes often offer a resource-friendly alternative
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15 April 2014
Skin microflora is important for healthy skin
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20 November 2013
Yeast-based bioplastics and pharmaceuticals
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18 November 2013
Enterobacteria as a weight loss agent
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5 November 2013
Natural bacteria to fight skin diseases and atopic dermatitis
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22 October 2013
Candies to fight caries
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9 October 2013
Bio-based products increase consumer trust
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13 June 2012
Increasing the Potential for Yeast Strains in Biotech Manufacturing
"ORGANOBALANCE to present its latest research findings at ACHEMA 2012"
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11 January 2012
ORGANOBALANCE Signs Licensing Agreement with Sanofi Pasteur
"Modified strain of yeast paves way for new industrial vaccine production process"
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19 April 2011
Conjoint press release by ORGANOBALANCE GmbH, Berlin (Germany) and Lonza Group Ltd, Basel (Switzerland)
"Lonza and ORGANOBALANCE Enter Global License Agreement to Develop and Market Unique Probiotic, Lactobacillus Anti-H. pylori"
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September 2010
ORGANOBALANCE to present latest research findings at the BIOTECHNICA Trade Show 2010.
"Berlin-based company to intensify efforts in contract research and white biotechnology"
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June 2010
ORGANOBALANCE Announce Substantial Investment.
"Dr. Bernd Wegener to invest in Berlin (Germany) Biotech company"
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October 2009
Chemel AB and ORGANOBALANCE GmbH start business cooperation in Germany
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ORGANOBALANCE plans further partnerships in probiotics research
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