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27 January 2018
Biology and Art Take Over the Berlin Central Station


December 2017
Learning to listen to your gut
- European Biotechnology vol. 16, Winter Edition 2017, page 15-19

4 December 2017
Novozymes and Danish Pump Producer Set Sail in Pursuit of Clean Water

October 2017
The Biologization of the Economy
- ELEMENTS #60, The Innovation Magazine, page 38

27 September 2017
Novozymes launches HelloScience to foster scientific collaboration

25 September 2017
We are inviting collaboration on global challenges!

21 September 2017
Novozymes launches HelloScience platform to spark bright ideas on global challenges

21 September 2017
Novozymes Launches HelloScience to Encourage Global Collaboration on Big Issues

April/May 2017
Pylopass™ - An inactivated probiotic ...
- Wellness Foods & Supplements, No.1, page 44-46

April 2017
Read about Pylopass™ in
- China Food Safety, e-magazine, No. 04-2017, page 16

13 April 2017
Chinese Supplement Brand Harnesses Unique Probiotic Strain to Address H. Pylori

23 March 2017
A new launch of By-Health based on Organobalance ingredient

21 March 2017
Read about Pylopass™ on
-, Science and Technology of Food Industry

13 March 2017
By-Health Launches Dietary Supplement Based on Organobalance Ingredientch bacteria

10 March 2017
New probiotic supplement launched in China ...
By-Health's new Hericum Erinaceus & Lactibacillus Reuteri product is based on Pylopass, German biotech firm Organobalance's proprietary strain ...

1 February 2017
Organobalance to Present Latest Findings in Bacteria Research

January/February 2017
Digestive Health Ingredient Pylopass Launches Under the Life Extension Brand
- eBook, Nutrition Industry Executive, page 25


1 December 2016
Global Alpha-Amylase Market Revenue Predicted To Go Up by 2016 – 2024
... In September 2016, a Denmark-based leading biotechnology company announced acquisition of Organobalance GmbH, a Germany-based research and development company, specialist for manufacturing products based on microbial strain. ...

November 2016
It's time for change!
- ACHEMA Worldwide News 2/2016, page 3

17 November 2016
Pylopass Digestive-Health Ingredient Makes U.S. Debut
... Pylopass, a digestive-health ingredient manufactured by German biotechnology company Organobalance, will be making its debut on the U.S. dietary supplements market ...

14 November 2016
Pylopass to Launch in the US

22 September 2016
Novozymes buys microbe screening technology to bolster probiotic work

21 September 2016
Novozymes Acquires Organobalance
- CHEManager 18/2016, page 10

19 September 2016
Novozymes moves on Microbes in recent Acquisition

19 September 2016
Novozymes Acquires Organobalance

15 September 2016
Novozymes bags Organobalance.
Denmark’s Novozymes has acquired microbial research company Organobalance GmbH ...

14 July 2016
Five cornerstones of a global bioeconomy
- Nature vol. 535: 221-223

April 2016
Helicobacter pylori and Peptic Ulcers - an in depth Report:
... Among the traditional natural treatments ... against H. pylori, is a newcomer, Pylopass.

10 March 2016
Novel Applications for Beneficial Microbes

18 February 2016
Organobalance buys back probiotic from Lonza
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February 2016
Bioeconomy Drives Resource Efficiency and GREEN GROWTH. Interview with Christine Lang


April 2014
A new candy has been created by the Berlin-based firm Organobalance in Germany that basically contains sugar-free, dead bacteria which will stimulate saliva flow, reduce bad oral bacteria and potentially reduce cavities also. Studies show that compared to the controlled group who ate these candies, 75% had significantly lower levels of Mutans streptococci in their saliva than before from eating the candies without sugar-free and dead bacteria.ä


11 September 2013
"Lactobacillus paracasei DSMZ16671 Reduces Mutans Streptococci: A Short-Term Pilot Study"
- Probiotics & Antimicro. Prot.


November 2012
- Biokatalyse2021

22 August 2012
Probiotics - oral health potential gathers pace

March 2012
"Enzymes companies on the verge of new niches"
- GoingPublic Special Industrial Biotechnology


17 March 2011
IADR/AADR Journal of Dental Research Cover of the Year
The 2011 Cover of the Year Award was presented to Christine Lang and her co-authors, for 'Specific Lactobacillus/Mutans Streptococcus Co-aggregation' J Dent Res February 2010 89:175-179. This recognition is presented for JDR cover image that enhances the impact of the article, ad is both scientifically novel and aesthetically pleasing.


April 2009
BASF set to commercialize pro-t-action - eliminating caries causing bacteria from the mouth
- News Release (BASF)

January 2009
ORGANOBALANCE - From Spin-Off to Successful Probiotics Producer
- BioTOPics


February 2007
"A new Cavity Fighter"
- allure


04. September 2006
"Here`s a novel cavity fighter: Just pop in chewing gum"

"Chewing gum to fight decay likely"
- The New Zealand Herald

September 2006
"Probiotic bacteria combat tooth decay and body odour"

31. August 2006
"BASF to Market Bacteria-Fighting Chewing Gum"
- Dental News

"Fight tooth decay with chewing gum? Maybe"
- Scientific

23. August 2006
"New gum set to chew its way through tooth decay"
- Confectionery

"A Chewing Gum That Helps in Fighting Tooth Decay"
- MedIndia

22. August 2006
"Gum to stick it to bacteria that cause cavities"
- CBC.CA News

"Chewing gum that can stop tooth decay"

"New gums to prevent tooth decay"
- The Money Times

21. August 2006
"Friendly bacteria in chewing gum that bites back"
- Chemistry and Industry

"Living green: Bacterial gum keeps your teeth clean"
- Food Consumer

"BASF makes functional dental products with Lactobacillus"
- Europe

"F.eatured P.roducts: Beneficial bacteria in chewing gum may ward off tooth decay"

"Bacteria added to gum, toothpaste and deodorant"
- Life Science

"Probiotic gum"

"New Chewing Gum Can Prevent Tooth Decay"
- Medical News Today

"Bacteria for healthy teeth"
- Scenta

"But what will it do to your breath"
- The Daily News

"New gum has taste for fight against bad teeth"
- The Herald

"Yoghurt chewing gum aims to tackle tooth decay"
- The Scotsman

"Friendly yoghurt-based bacteria may help reduce tooth decay and body odour"
- Xenophilia

20. August 2006
"Friendly bacteria in chewing gum that bites back"
- EurekAlert!

15. August 2006
"Probiotic bacteria fight against caries and body odor"
- Chem Exec

11. August 2006
"Probiotic bacteria fight against caries and body odor"

August 2006
Probiotic bacteria revolutionize the fight against caries and body odor
- News Release (BASF)

"A new gum is being designed to help battle tooth decay"

"BASF is currently developing a gum that will prevent tooth decay"
- WorldFitness.CA