ORGANOBALANCE relies on two platforms for the development of novel microbial cultures and ingredients:


ORGANOBALANCE takes great care of and benefits from a unique microbial strain collection comprising several thousand strains of yeast and lactic acid bacteria from natural sources. Since decades food-grade probiotic microorganisms are isolated from various sources, collected and carefully archived. Our microbial strain collection is characterized by a high degree of biodiversity in these natural strains.

Our culture collection provides

These natural strains are our source for new products in the fields of food, feed, cosmetics and health-promoting ingredients for humans and animals.


We at ORGANOBALANCE use our extensive expertise in the field of strain development such as Metabolic Engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast to establish new production strains.

To enable biological production of platform chemicals and fine chemicals, we have developed yeast strains for the synthesis of isoprenoids, terpenoids, sterols, and other lipophilic substances. New production processes are designed to replace chemical synthesis or will allow the economical production of substances previously not available at large scale.

ORGANOBALANCE also offers yeast strains for the efficient expression and secretion of selected proteins.

ORGANOBALANCE employs a range of optimization methods. These include